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DIY Succulent Wall Hanger

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Our house has been renovating our backyard over the past couple of months. Inspired by Henck and Yan from the Netflix Show The Big Flower Flight, I wanted to try a living wall on our back fence. It took a couple of tries for us to get it up and running. Once you have the right pieces, this is a very easy and fun way to brighten up your backyard.

I first tried planting ferns and other greenery in the hanging planter bag. This quickly turned out to be an expensive and unsuccessful plan. The pockets were too shallow for the roots to really grow and the plants all died after a couple of weeks. I then tried again with succulent cuttings. This worked out great! The succulents do not need a ton of sun and they were small enough that there was plenty of space for their roots to grow in the planter bag. Best part was, our family friends donated the cuttings so the final filled out planter bag cost less than $30!

What you need:

- Hanging Planter Bag - I found mine on Amazon here

- 36 Succulent Cuttings- the more variety in size and type, the better

- Succulent/Cactus potting mix

- Nails


  1. Hang up the planter bag in your desired location. I chose a shady location for my succulents. I hammered nails at each corner of the hanger plant bag as well as in the middle of the bag.

  2. Fill each pocket about 3/4 of the way up with soil, enough so that when you plant the cutting, you can see the full cutting without having to look into the pocket.

  3. Plant 1 succulent per pocket. I recommend spacing out the bigger cuttings so that no two big cuttings are on top of each other. If you have more than one of the same variety, I recommend you space these out as well. This helps balance out the display.

  4. Mist succulents every couple of weeks

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