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Vegetarian Quesadilla with Black Beans and Sweet Potato

Recipe from Erhardts Eats

I love making this quesadilla as a meal prep. This recipe from Erhardts Eats elevates the quick and dirty quesadilla into a full meal packed with protein and vegetables. With all of the components prepped ahead of time, the quesadilla comes together super quickly when you are ready to eat. I highly recommend!


  • 4 medium flour tortillas

  • 1 large sweet potato

  • 2 avocados

  • 1/2 cup black beans rinsed and drained

  • 1 mini red pepper

  • 1 mini orange pepper

  • 1 tbs taco seasoning

  • 1 cup queso cheese

  • 1 tbs butter for frying

  • 2 tbd olive oil


  1. Fork holes in sweet potato and drizzle with 1 tbs olive oil. Wrap in paper towels and microwave for 8 min or cook at 425*F for 45-50min until tender. Once cool, store in tupperware until ready to serve.

  2. Dice peppers, removing ribs and seeds. Add to large pan and cook until tender, about 5-7min. Then add black beans, corn, and taco seasoning and stir, cooking for 3 min. Let cool and then store in tupperware until ready to eat.

  3. When you are ready to assemble, lightly spread butter over one side of the tortilla. On other side spread a good chunk of sweet potato (about 3 tbs) and mash half an avocado. Add 1/4 cup veggie and bean mixture and then sprinkle generous amount of cheese.

  4. Cook open over medium heat until melted. Carefully fold in half.

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